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Hi my name is Victor I am CEO & Co-founder Mevics. The idea to create a device that could help to sit straight was formed thanks to my surrounding. I specialize in Computer Science.

When I looked at the programmers, engineers, designers, and other students at my university, I noticed that we all have something in common. They all, one way or another, spent more than 12 hours in a sitting position slouching constantly by working on a computer in uncomfortable positions, and at the end of the day complained “My back is aching again” “My spine is aching so much”. Since I felt it all myself, I gave thought to think of the way to solve the problem. “This would be a device that would help stop slouching and have an active life,” that was the idea. The last was to figure out how it would do it, and bring it to life.


When we decided to create something new no knowing what it would be, the first steps were the hardest. It was hard to find a team, time, and money… Fortunately, I found someone who would not back away when having difficulties. It is owing to Vladislav Morzhanov, Maksim Trybunsky, Aleksey Reshetnyk and Veronika Plemedyale that the allegiance of Odessa National Polytechnic University that we managed to build the full device concept and bring it into life. We were ordinary students who were obsessed with the idea to create a device that would help forget the spine problems. The device was called Mevics, and in a few months we created the first device generation – the prototype with many transducers could hardly fit a big box. It was too big and very uncomfortable for carrying. However, is was operative, which was our first victory.


IT Eureka is a competition of innovation startup projects for the students studying information technologies. Apart from us, about 700 projects competed for the first place, among which there were very serious competitors. This was the first and the most critical examination of our ideas and living capability. We were to present the product and make a presentation, which we did quite well. We took first place in the nomination “Best Innovative Solution” and claimed about our idea throughout Ukraine. Ever since Mevics was not a student project any more, it became something bigger.


We wanted to draw attention to the spine problems and did not miss the opportunity to tell about it. Like all startups we took part in the event, and the main goal was to get feedback from the experts in order to move further. The more extensive the event was the more possibilities were possible. We took part in such events as InnoTech Ukraine (Exhibition), BlackSeaSummIT (The most promising StartUp), Lviv IT Arena (Winners), Startup Battle “Get In the ring” (Champions of Ukraine). We learned to overcome anxiety, obtained new knowledge, and started further product development thanks to the reviews.

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