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mevics solution for sport

Your personal fitness tracker. Mevics helps you do smart run, track your daily fitness results and achieve new goals.

Keep the results of your activities. Analyze the results. Based on data on daily performance, set a clear goal. Achieve your goals by planning your physical activity. The plan for physical activity is conveniently made in an application our application. Mevics will help you to save information about sitting, running and walking.

After jogging or walking you could learn the distance traveled. Counting the distance traveled allows you to display the number of steps passed. You will be able to set new goals for yourself every day. Going tomorrow by 1000 steps more is a good goal.

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Interaction with the device will give you new opportunities in sports activity

Start using Mevics simply. Wear a device with sports clothes before training. During the training, Mevics will calculate the steps taken, the distance and the lost calories.

Each step will be taken into account, thanks to a unique algorithm from the developers of Mevics. Engineers of Mevics have created a function for calculating calories. In the application you could see information about the lost calories during training.

Accounting for lost calories will help to make the right diet. When compiling a diet, you must take into account past physical activity. Accounting for physical activity allows you to adjust the amount of calories consumed.

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Don`t miss out on the early bird price of $49 — Only 100 pledges to get this chance! Be part of the good posture community!