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Mevics solution for office

Posture improvement device. Mevics controls your posture while you are working. When you begin slouching, it vibrates, thereby forcing you to sit up straight.

Healthy back is important for office workers. Work at the computer, paper work and long meetings. These are the main factors that affect the spine, back health and well-being of office workers. Office stuff should monitor posture and track activity throughout the day to be health.

All people whant to have maxium concentration on the performance of work tasks. Saddle and curvature of the spine can have a negative impact on productivity. In order for the back to be even, it is necessary to develop the habit of sitting with a straight back. But it's difficult to keep track of the position of the back by yourself.

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Work in the office now will not affect your spine as it was before.

Mevics is the wearable that helps you to control posture while you are working Your personal assistant vibrates every time when you slouching or sit in the incorrect position for your back. Mevics is about beautiful posture, improvement of blood circulation, correct breathing, the absence of pinched nerves, and a healthy and happy life. Mevics forms the habit of sitting straight.

People who work in the office are often inactive. They spend most of the time sitting at the computer. People are increasingly sedentary, spending at least 10 – 15 hrs a day. Active exercises help to strengthen the muscles of the back. Running and walking are simple exercises that everyone can do. To achieve maximum productivity during walking and jogging, you need to know how many steps you made and how many calories you burnt.

Mevics app calculates the duration of the sitting. If the duration increases, the device will inform you of the need to walk or jog. Mevics reminds about exercises for improving posture. Use Mevics to strengthen the back muscles and schedule the physical exercises. Active physical activity positively affects on your health. Work in the office now will not affect your spine as it was before. Mevics won't let your job kill you!

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Don`t miss out on the early bird price of $49 — Only 100 pledges to get this chance! Be part of the good posture community!