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Mevics solution for children

Mevics takes care of your child's posture during the period of its formation and helps prevent spine diseases. Mevics it is your child's healthy spine!

Proper posture and position of the back positively affect the health of children and teenagers. In adulthood, more strength is need to change posture than in childhood and adolescence. The reason for this is in the ossification of the bones. At the age of 17 years, the person begins the process of complete ossification of the scapula and upper extremities. To develop a beautiful posture, children need to get used to keeping backs straight.

Children in the period of posture formation are the most vulnerable and require prevention of curvature of the spine without fail. We recommend that you include swimming, yoga and other sports activities on your child's day schedule. Mevics also becomes an assistant for your child at school or at home. Mevics controls posture and thereby prevents spinal curvature.

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Now you don't have worry about your child's posture

Mevics is the wearable gadget that helps to improve your child's posture. Mevics vibrates when the child slouches or begins to hold the back not correct. Vibration becomes a reminder that child need to align your back. Vibrations are noiseless. Classmates and teachers will not hear how Mevics helps to control the posture.

Children and teenagers love innovation and modern technology. Smartphones, computers, gadgets and mobile applications are the daily companions of children. Mevics can be used to control posture and monitor child's activity.

The number of steps, the distance and the amount of calories expended will help parents. Parents can view posture statistic and the level of physical activity of the child. This information can be used to form a healthy diet and planning sports activities.

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Don`t miss out on the early bird price of $49 — Only 100 pledges to get this chance! Be part of the good posture community!