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meet mevics

Your personal fitness and posture coach. Mevics controls your posture and helps to improve your sport activities.

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Work in the office now will not affect your spine as it was before


Interaction with the device and app will give you new opportunities in sports activity


Now you don't have worry about your child's posture

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Newest technologies

Mevics uses the latest technologies, MEMS sensors and original signal processing algorithms that allow you to effectively and accurately control your posture in 3 planes, and also measures your activity throughout the day.

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IOS & Android App

Applications for Mevics are available for both platforms. We use BLE technology to connect the device and your phone. With the help of the application you can track all your data.

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Mevics Algorithms

Mevics analyzes your activity and understands how it is distributed throughout the day: how long you sat, how long was active, how long you slouched and sat flat, did you achieve your goals for the day.

The new age of healthcare

We have created Mevics because we know how important healthy spine and daily activity is. Mevics is the small wearable device that takes care of you during all day

Mevics device

The posture control

Mevics takes care about your posture while you are working. When you begin slouching, mevics vibrates, thereby forcing you to straighten up.

Mevics magnetic fastening

Magnetic fastening

Mevics magnetically attached underneath your clothes so it will be difficult for u to lose it.

Mevics gadget

Easy to use

Mevics is neatly hidden under your clothes and do not cause discomfort when in contact with the skin.

How Mevics Works

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Before starting work, turn on the device and fix Mevics on clothes using a magnetic fastener.

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The application will connect the phone with the device using BLE technology.

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Sit down and straighten up. The application will calibrate the position of the spine and offer to pass the training system.

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As soon as you slouch, Mevics light vibration will tell you that you need to straighten up.

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You can adjust the sensitivity of the device, active modes and vibration strength using the settings menu.

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While walking or running, Mevics recognizes the activity type and collects data.

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Smart Notification notifies you of the need to walk or break just when you need it most.

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Mevics is charged using a micro USB cable, it takes 30 minutes to fully charge.

Don`t miss out the chance to preorder Mevics and be one of the first owner in the world. Be part of the good posture community!

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Don`t miss out the chance to preorder Mevics and be one of the first owner in the world. Be part of the good posture community!