Using mobile phones is increasing dramatically. A recent study showed that 79% of the population aged 18 and 44 have cell phones.

More than 1 billion text messages are sent each month worldwide. Text messaging has become the dominant form of communication. On average, Americans spend up to 4 hours per day reading emails, sending texts and checking social media sites using mobile devices.

phone hand

When you lower your head, you create an additional weight on the spine.

On average, your head weighs from 10 to 12 pounds. The slope of the head 15 degrees forward increases the load on the neck to 27 feet. A 60-degree angle - usually you write text in this position - imposes an additional 60 pounds of weight on the spine.

neck angle

This extra weight creates a constant strain on the discs, joints and muscles of the neck and middle back. The upper part of the neck is curved to provide enough space for the nerves. When you constantly look at the phone, neck hurts and compresses the nerves.

In addition, when your head is lowered down, it leads to a shortening of the neck muscles and rounded shoulders. This kind of bad posture will lead to headache, pain in the arm, neck, muscle spasms and herniated disc. In chronic cases, your neck can actually lose it natural shape, it will lead to a serious imbalance, and a variety of other problems.


  • Pay attention how often and the way you use your phone
  • Hold your phone on the table in front of you
  • Use the voice function
  • Use the headset with the speaker
  • Avoid writing long letters or reading long documents.

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