How often do you pay attention to the pose that you sit or stand in? The way we carry ourselves is an important element of our health that seldom gets the attention it deserves. It influences the position of our spine, as well as our overall health.

Yoga practice is a good way to improve your posture and your general health,since it is very beneficial for your physical and mental state. It is not only useful for posture strengthening, but also improves your mood and reduces the level of stress.

Research shows that yoga exercises improve posture and overall health of your back. With regular practice your muscles will become stronger and more flexible, which will help you maintain good posture, reduce chronic pain and will make you more confident in your daily life.

Yoga practice makes it easy to maintain a straight, proud posture in any age.

It is recommended that beginners start practicing yoga with a coach, until you feel ready to continue independently, being guided by the suitable literature and advice from experienced yoga practitioners.

Make sure to listen to recommendations of specialists, since it will not only help you learn difficult asanas faster, but will also assure that you are performing the poses correctly and safely.

Please, do not attempt complex asanas when you are tired. Do not exercise if your back or shoulders hurt, since physical activities can worsen the pain.

Yoga course for posture correction -

If you feel back pain during exercise, please, do not hesitate contacting your physician, since bad posture might not be the only reason of discomfort.

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