We are passionate team dedicated to computer science and medicine who are developing innovative changes to your life.

Victor Laushtan, CEO&Co-founder

"My name is Victor, I run the project in the team, engaged in negotiations, finding partners, strategic issues and goals formation.

Mevics for me is the business of my life and my pet project. My specialty is computer engineering. My network (programmers, designers, engineers) was used as coming up the idea of creating the device to control the posture and human activity.

My hobbies are everything that is connected with adrenaline and nature: rock climbing, hiking, traveling. After vocation, the work becomes again my main occupation. I really love what I do. But, there is something else who helps me to rise after every fall and overcome any difficulties. My passion is motor racing. It inspires me to achieve new achievements and new challenges."


Vladislav Morzhanov, CIO & Co-founder

"My name is Vlad, I'm doing everything that is connected with the software part in the team: SOA development, mobile applications, server part, site layout and so on.

I give an application to study software engineering at the first year of university. After studying the basics and understanding the basic principles of the chosen path, I wanted to take up an interesting and complex project. The different hakatones and olympiads on programming partially quenched my thirst in honing programming skills, but I always wanted something more.

So in 2015 our group of enthusiast - developers decided to implement the rather interesting project, in which I am engaged to this day. And every day there are ideas, sometimes even inconceivable, that you want to realize and make the world better with Mevics."


Vladislav Hmelevskoi, CTO

"My name is Vladislav, I'm developing the hardware - software part of the device.

I has become interested in technique since childhood, in particular electronics. Most of all I liked mechanical and electronic toys, which were used for their intended purpose only for a week, then without exception they carefully sorted out the components from which something new was being made. After school, I chose a technical college, connecting my profession with computer engineering. Subsequently, I found myself in the development of industrial and portable electronics. It's quite difficult and constantly encourages me to learn new things, but it's also incredibly cool. Mevics allows me to self-actualize in this most interesting field of activity.

 My hobbies are everything related to technology, medicine, human capacities. Therefore, I like to overcome various trials, proving, first of all to myself, what I am capable of. If this is a job - I take on responsible tasks, trying to do it in the best possible way. If vocation - is only active, adrenaline, often at the limit of physical possibilities. "


Xenia Philipchuk, Graphic Designer

"My name is Xenia and I am responsible for the visual side of the project - site, applications, printed products in the team. I'm self-taught, so the result is not easy for me. I still have a lot to learn.

My interests are creative & art direction, literature, drawing, history of arts.

The power of creativity is an interpretation. Thanks to the vision and the concept, people can be made to see beauty in ugliness or vice versa - to show ugliness in something at first glance perfect. If you can show new qualities of the object, you can change the attitude of others around him. It can be a product, a personality, a project ... I want to master this skill in perfection. "


Victoria Guzenko, Financial manager

"Hello, my name is Vika, I'm engaged in budget planning, financial operations, business analytics, and accounting.

My specialty is an economist. Mevics for me is a challenge that gives me life. I came to the team at the stage of forming a business plan. Earlier I did this only in theory, and real practical tasks inspired me very much. Now Mevics every day makes me move forward and explore new horizons, not only in work, but also develop my personal qualities.

In my spare time I like to paint with watercolors and experiment in handicraft with different materials. It fills me with energy, immerses in a state of flow and awareness."


Nina Prus, Coordination & Content Management

"My name is Nina, I perform the coordinator duties in Mevics. I deal with the currrent issues, analyze the quality of the teamwork, content managemenent and copywriting. This is work and creativity at the same time – a lot of communication, information, search space for proper solutions.
My speciality is economic cybernetic, now I’m in my third year at the university. Mevics is a theory in practice, there are experienced guys who help, if I have difficulties in some ways.

I'm into needlework and drawing, I like to cook and read scientific literature."


Konstantin Ovcharenko, iOS developer

"My name is Konstantin, I'm developing software for iOS.

I started my way in programming at school. At the beginning, there were computer courses, then there was a college and a higher education, where I met one of the founders of Mevics - Victor Laushtan. Our acquaintance was very useful, because at that time I really wanted to solve real problems.

 I wanted to work with real problems, so I decided to try my hand at Mevics. I had a lot of fears, but as a result, Mevics was a place where everyone appreciates and where everyone can show themselves 100%.

 I think that my main hobby is fighting with myself and with my fears. I try to deal with them, and now I'm struggling with what has been tormenting me since childhood, the fear of heights. I already flied on airplane, jumped with a rubber band from the bridge and now I want to jump with a parachute. And I really love motorcycles. This infatuation fuels a real fire in me."


Vladislav Frantsian, Android developer

"My name is Vladislav Franzian, in the team I carry out the duties of Android-developer.

I started programming at 12 years. My specialty is computer science. The first work was the creation of sites for friends and the development of servers for various games. I started to learn Android development by chance, when for the diploma project I decided to challenge myself and chose an unfamiliar programming language. Since then, it has become my passion.

My hobbies are guitar, singing and skiing."


Edward Danilko, C developer

"My name is Edward, I'm developing software for the device. Algorithms and their implementation is everything for me.

My profession is writing software. I have been doing this for a long time, I was always drawn to creating something new, and I stopped on programming. I believe that Mevics is an interesting, important and useful project for the society.

My hobbies are very diverse: tourism, extreme sports and games, sports shooting, in general, everything that brings a big surge of adrenaline."


Kristina Nikitiuk, Intern Android developer

"My name is Kristina, I'm going through an internship with Mevics. I'm the Android developer.

The idea of ​​the project - taking care of people's health. That idea inspired me, and I gladly started to work. During this time I got acquainted with new technologies for me. Now I'm finishing the 4th year of ONPU in Computer Science and I am grateful to the company for the experience I have gained, since it is in practice that there is an opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge. And the harder the task is, the greater the joy of solving it.

When there is free time, I attend a fitness club, classes in vocal and drawing. I love evening walks at the sea and morning latte."

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