Mevics app is an application for working with the Mevics device. It displays the current position of the spine, collects and analyzes data about your activity, allows you to control the device.

Upon the first use you will need to register and enter information about yourself to personalize the algorithmic calculations for you. After setting up and calibrating the application, you can take a workout for more comfortable use of Mevics. The training system allows you to gradually get used to the device - every day the application increases the recommended time with Mevics.

While working with the application, you can view the current position of the spine. The device collects data, and the application provides information on the number of steps, meters and calories spent in an accessible form using simple numbers and graphs. Also, you can access the Family Office, which contains data from other family members who use Mevics.

Using the application, you can configure the device - vibration power, sensitivity, modes of use, etc. The app will remind you to put on Mevics in the morning, and will notify you if the device needs to be charged. If you sit too long, Smart Notifications prompts you to go for a walk or add any other activity to your day. At the end of the day Mevics will surely wish you good night.

All data is stored on our cloud server. Also, some of the data is stored on the phone until sync is available. In offline mode, Mevics accumulates data in its memory for the last 30 days of use.

You do not have to worry about the security of your personal information: when you transfer data from your device to your smartphone, and from your smartphone to the cloud, we use the most reliable encryption algorithms. All data is protected on our cloud, which is located on Amazon Web Services.

The application is available for iOS (10 and above) and Android (4.4.2 and above).

More details would be available in the application, once you purchase our device.

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