From the very beginning of Mevics' existence getting into the international exhibition CES was our dream.

We had a burning desire to fully present our product there, since it was a great opportunity to gain invaluable experience, get some important feedback and, as a result, make Mevics better. In two years we made our dream come true… But it was not that easy.

At first, we applied and then we waited anxiously. Our entire team and our partners were fully invested emotionally, physically and financially, hoping for the good news. In August, we were finally able to exhale with relief - the CTA confirmed that we were selected for Evrika Park CES. The first stage was over.

The work only began, though. After a long and dynamic preparation, which involved all of our team’s resources, we had to speed up the development of a new device case and launch an updated version of the site. However, there was one problem: even though the demonstration of the device will take place in January, on the shelves of the shops Mevics will be able to appear only in November. How could we help people start taking care of their health sooner?  And this is how we came up with creation of  Mevics Daily - an application that gives advice on healthy lifestyle, nutrition and exercise.

By the end of December, everything was ready and a part of our team went to Las Vegas. The project was represented by Victor Laushtan (CEO) and Victoria Guzenko (Finance) of Ukraine.

On the first day we participated in the press event CES Unveiled - a media event aimed at working with the press and industry analysts. There you are able to stand out and declare yourself, no matter who you are - an innovative start-up or a universally recognized global brand. We managed to communicate with various media, collect emails and business cards, as well as get acquainted with the projects of other participants of the conference.

On the second day we went to Sands Expo to prepare the stand and all materials necessary for a worthy presentation. And then followed four days of the conference were filled with constant communication and feedback exchange with the participants who became interested in our work. Among them were media agents, representatives of competing companies, other participants of the conference, curious about our experience, and all those concerned with the problems of bad posture.

The colossal benefit of any presentation is feedback. We were pleased to see how people took our product - some asked useful questions, some pointed out shortcomings, some made our team chuckle. We are very grateful to everybody who made it possible for us to participate in this exhibition, as well as to all those who left feedback and showed interest. Thanks to you the Mevics team became even more motivated to improve our product.

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