The idea of ​​creating applet for taking care of your health was born when we discussed our readiness for CES and device manufacturing.

The problem was a big temporary difference between the presentation of the product and the moment when Mevics went on sale. It was then that we had a joint idea to create an assistant who can already help people improve their health. So we created the Mevics Daily.

The application contains a selection of articles in three categories: axis, sport and food, in which you can find simple tips on the current topics of axis health, active exercises and proper nutrition in the office and in everyday life.

Mevics Daily shows the relationship between your well-being, posture, nutrition and physical activity. How often you feel pain in the back, neck, headaches? Sometimes the reason for this is your spine. In the Axis category, we will tell you in detail why you should sit straight, how your axis affects your physical and mental health, your internal organs and your health overall.

Bad memory, low performance at work and fatigue can be the result of poor nutrition, harmful snacks and product combinations. We will help make your diet healthy, nutritious, and most importantly - delicious, with our tips in Food category.

In the Sport category you will find a selection of simple and easy exercises that will make you feel better, help you become more cheerful and productive, and also help you with various pains and diseases.

Mevics Daily is ideal for office workers, students, parents, athletes and anyone who cares about their health.

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