Mevics is an innovative approach to you and your family's healthy life. Modern rhythm of life is among the reasons for a sedentary lifestyle and spine problems.

Both adults and children spend a lot of time working on the computer. Mevics is a smart wearable device that monitors your posture and tracks your physical activity throughout the day.

It is very easy to use: you simply attach Mevics magnetically underneath your clothes. Whenever you slouch, Mevics vibrates, thereby forcing you to straighten up. As soon as you start walking or running, Mevics begins counting your steps and calories. Via the smartphone app, Mevics displays the statistics of sitting straight, steps made, distance walked, calories spent. As a result, you get beautiful posture, improvement of blood circulation, correct breathing, absence of pinched nerves. You feel full of life and vigor by the end of the work day, and your internal organs function perfectly. Mevics takes care of your child's healthy posture in the early stage of it being formed. Our gadget helps to develop a habit of sitting straight, which prevents curvature of the spine.

The innovation was created by Ukrainian students at Odesa National Polytechnic University. The idea was born a little over a year ago, when the team was preparing for the European student contest IT-Eureka, and ended up winning the latter.

"We are all programmers, and at some point we started noticing that people who spend their day in front of the computer slouch and are unaware of hurting their overall health. Since we already had certain research done in the field, we knew what to do next", says company CEO Viktor Laushtan.

In only one year the developers presented their product at the most important IT conferences in Ukraine and also in Germany, and are now kicking off 2017 by exhibiting the latest upgraded prototype with brand new features in Las Vegas at the biggest conference of the world, CES LasVegas.

"We do have decent competitors, such as LumoLift and UpRight. What it means for us is there is market, and there certainly exists demand. Having competitors motivates us to work harder, and aim higher", says Laushtan. "Impossible is nothing" is the motto of Mevics team, which has an ambitious goal of revolutionizing healthcare all over the globe.

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