During the development of Mevics, we used the latest technologies that are available on the market for stable and high-quality operation of the device.

On the printed circuit board are located: microcontroller, Bluetooth Smart, accelerometer, gyro, compass, auxiliary microcircuit, as well as a vibration motor for interaction with the user. The communication between the elements of the printed circuit board is due to the digital interfaces I2C and SPI.

All the functions that Mevics possesses are based on our algorithms for processing signals coming from the accelerometer, gyro and compass. With the help of our mathematical algorithms, we understand whether you sit flat or stooping, how much you have run, how many steps you have made, how many calories have been burned that day, etc. In order to improve the accuracy of calculations, we ask you to fill out the following data: height, weight, sex and age for personalization of calculations.

Using Bluetooth Smart (Low Energy) technology, all data is transferred to your smartphone, where the second part of the data processing and visualization of the statistics takes place.

We do not stop there, and we are developing new features for you that will become available in the near future. Your wishes, suggestions and comments can be sent to mail info@mevics.com.

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