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Meet Mevics

A wearable personal monitor of your posture and daily activities

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Posture Tracker

Mevics takes care of your posture while you work. If you start slouching, Mevics vibrates, gently reminding you to straighten up.
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Activity Tracker

Mevics collects and analyzes your daily activity data in form of accessible and easily understandable charts.
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Deformation Prevention

Mevics takes care of your child’s posture while it is still forming, which helps to prevent spine deformation. The device controls the position of posture and strengthens the muscles of the back.

The new age of healthcare

We know how important healthy spine and daily activity are, and this is why we created Mevics - a small wearable device that takes care of your posture at work and play.

Mevics device

Ergonomic capsule

Small and smooth capsule is barely visible on your clothes and is designed for perfect adhesion to the device.

Mevics magnetic fastening

Magnetic fastening

Mevics is attachable via magnetic hold, which prevents you from losing it during physical exercise or daily errands.

Mevics gadget

Easy to use

Mevics is neatly hidden under your clothes and does not cause discomfort to the skin.

Mevics Features

More than 80% of people suffer from spine problems. The time we spend bending over a desk at work, school, and home has progressively increased to 10 – 15 hours a day on average.

Mevics solution for Universality

You can use Mevics in all areas of your life. It will be your assistant in the office, companion in sport and will become irreplaceable for your children.

Posture tracker for office workers


Office work will not be as harmful to your spine anymore

We want to show people that maintaining a healthy lifestyle and staying fit is easy even with an office job. Mevics ensures correct spinal positioning and proper breathing, as our health directly - and literally - relies on our spine.


Interaction with the device and app will open up new opportunities in your physical activity

As soon as you set out for a walk or a run, Mevics starts monitoring your activity. It shows your step count, the distance walked or run, and the amount of calories you have burned throughout the day.

Fit girl
Posture tracker for children


Now you don't have worry about your child's posture.

Mevics takes care of your child's posture in early stages of development. Our device will help them to form a habit of sitting straight, which prevents curvature of the spine.

Stylish solution

We created minimalistic and stylish design for your convenience and self-confidence


“The Mevics is an innovative and advanced fitness tracker that consists of two parts. The fitness tracker shows off a discreet, minimalistic appearance design and it comes in two color options.”

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Don`t miss out the chance to preorder Mevics and be one of the first owner in the world. Be part of the good posture community!