Meet Mevics

Wearable tracker for you and your family that monitors your posture and physical activities

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First Generation

We created the first generation of devices to maintain healthy posture and track physical activity of adults and children during the day

Small and smooth capsule is visible on your clothes and is designed for a perfect adhesion to the device, which is hidden under your clothing
The main device is neatly hidden under your clothes and gently vibrates when you slouch. We've made it as thin as possible for comfortable wearing
Solution for Office

Our main goal is to show people that maintaining a healthy lifestyle and staying fit is easy even with an office job. Mevics ensures correct spinal positioning and proper breathing, as our health directly - and literally - relies on our spines

Solution for Sport

As soon as you set out for a walk or a run, Mevics helps to monitor your activity from that point on. It shows how many steps you have made, the distance walked, and how many calories you have lost throughout the day

Solution for Your Child

Mevics takes care of your child's healthy posture in the early stage of it being formed. Our gadget helps to develop a habit of sitting straight, which prevents curvature of the spine

Put Mevics on in the beggining of the day and get statistics of your moving and sitting activities with our app

Mevics App
The device interacts with your smartphone and you can monitor all the information in real time
Detailed statistics allows you to analyze how you spend your daily life
Fitness Tracker counts your steps, distance and calories that you have spent during the day
Minimalistic design

The device looks neat and attractive on any clothes. You can wear it and not be afraid that it won't be suitable your outfit. Your personal assistant and stylish part of your image – Mevics can both

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Buy Mevics on Kickstarter

oin out email list and receive the latest news and upcoming Kickstarter company.